Reward Challenge (Auction)

Hello guys, welcome to the reward challenge. Today, you will participate in the survivor auction. Here's how it will work. You each have $500 (lucky people) you will be able to bid on as many items as you like as long as you don't go over the money limit. You must go up in $20 increments (e.g. $20, $40, $60, $200, NOT $35, $76 ect) Here are the items you can bid on.

Item 1 - Hidden Item... What could it be? Buy it to find out.

Item 2 - Hidden Item... Could be anything in the world.

Item 3 - Hidden Item... Getting sick of these? Yeah me too, moving on.

Item 4 - Double Vote... The person who buys this will get 2 votes at the next tribal council. Both votes can go to the same person or they can give 1 vote to 2 different people.

Item 5 - Advantage in the next immunity challenge - This could save you from getting the boot if you are in trouble.

Item 6 - Void vote... The buyer will get to void 1 other players vote.

Item 7 - A banana split - yum, yum :p

Item 8 - The power to sit 1 person out of the immunity challenge... Ruin their chances of winning this game. :p

Item 9 - The results from the touchy subjects challenge from the person of your choice... You will get to pick 1 player and I will show you their answers from the touchy subjects challenge.... That could be interesting.....

BIDDING STARTS NOW! Send your bids in to OR to me on Facebook. You have a little over 24 hours (until (9:00AM UTC Monday, September 24) Also, in the unlikely results of 2 people having the winning bid, the first bid that was sent in will get it.