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Ḡwẵine Ḹٍٍkƨ Ĺiĸe Ͼềлȑềd
• 8/15/2013

Immunity Challenge #:1 Results

After a really long wait, I have the results.
Thor's entries.
Judge #1: Both 5/10. First - there are no insignias. Also, the buffs are too simple and don't really scream Sweden to me. I think the colors of Sweden (blue and yellow) and several Swedih patterns or symbols should have been used. Also, I would rather have used just a colored background cause this kind of reminds me of sandpaper.
Judge #2: Loki's buff is a bit plain, but I'll give it a 6 for effort.  Thor's buff is about the same as Loki's, it needs something else. 6, again.
Judge #3: Scroll down to see comment (4/10 for each).
Judge #1Both 7/10. The flags aren't more complex than the buffs, but then again, the same rules do not apply to the flags and the buffs. Both of those flags to have some handmade details on them which make them more realistic, as well as the nice background. But then again, I would have lost the sandpaper effect and would have shaded the corners of the flag. Otherwise it just looks like two different worlds (cartoonish and realistic) put together and they don't really blend altogether.  This wold have helped with that a lot.
Judge #2: I don't exactly like either flags, it definitely needed something more. And flags usually have logos... XD 5 for both. Judge #3: For both buffs and both flags, I'd give a 4/10. They don't look realistic to me.
Judge #1:No Comment (6/10).
Judge #2: I like the logo for sure, it's good, but should have something Loki'ish in it. XD (okay this is me loving Loki) I'll give it a 9 though.
Judge #3:The logo is okay. I've a 7/10 for the logo.
Loki's Entries
972399 3301956683948 977371789 n1080896 3301956803951 2087956413 n
Judge #1: Both 4/10. The patterns look nice and it has insignias which fit the characters. But the patterns aren't in the right size and the background looks a bit weird for a buff. It all just doesn't blend well. The best thing about it is the logo and the colors (which by the way are lovely).
Judge #2:Both buffs are about the same caliber, but I'll give Loki's an 8, and Thor's a 7 because of weird sizing.
Judge #3: Same as Thor (4/10 for both).
1097327 3302018885503 1649847085 np1174280 3302018725499 733686933 n
Judge #1: Both 4/10

I actually loved the backgrounds. But the fonts with the border look a bit weird. I think they would have looked a lot nicer if some borders and different fonts would have been used.
Judge #2:Flags aren't as good, the text is a bit too big for the names, there should be a obvious difference between the tribe name and the castaways, but I love the backgrounds and the fact that the logo is actually there. I'll give them both a 6.5 (Can I do that?)
Judge #3: Same comment as Thor (4/10 for each).
1080267 3301956443942 676241345 n
Judge #1:As for the logo.. 6/10 cause it looks nice. But it makes me think of Finland, not Sweden.
Judge #2:I love the logo, it's really nicely done and rather colorful. 10 :DDDDDDD
Judge #3: Same comment as Thor (7/10).
The Result
I have tallied the score and the result was by 1 point. With 73 points is Loki, and with 74 points is Thor. Thor wins immunity. So that means no one from Thor will be going home, while Loki will have to decide whose going to be the first person voted off Survivor: Sweden. I'll let you have the night to decide and I'll see you at tribal council.

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Ḡwẵine Ḹٍٍkƨ Ĺiĸe Ͼềлȑềd
• 8/15/2013

Shit. Talk about close. 

• 8/15/2013

*Deep breath of relief* This was taken to the wire. So relieved that we got the result we were looking for, bad luck Loki.

• 8/15/2013

.-. i was forced to make something or forfit :/

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