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• 11/12/2013

Season 2 Check in

If you have signed up for this season please check in here. If you don't check in we will find a replacement for you. Thank you for reading this.
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• 11/10/2013

Final Tribal Council Results

Before we get started, DB refused to vote so he will not be brought back to the Finale and is kicked off the Jury. For the last time I will read the votes. 1st vote...
Lincoln. 2nd vote...
Lincoln. 3rd vote...
Lincoln. The winner of Survivor: Sweden is...
Lincoln. Well Congratulations Lincoln, and Ryan I am so sorry you received 0 jury votes, but Lincoln on the other hand you are the first winner of the game and you have won in an anonymous vote. Wait until a little later where the Reunion will be posted up.
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• 11/7/2013


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• 10/28/2013

Blake's Jury Speech

I'm making this short and sweet.
Each of the finalists:
Tell me five great reasons on why I should vote for you? Even though you are the underdogs. You barely did much. Why would you deserve my vote? If anyone in the jury that would be here instead of your opposite finalist, who would it be and why?
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• 10/26/2013

Ali's Jury Speech

Tell Me
Why am I such a great player?
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• 10/25/2013

Vote Ryan (or not, your choice)

Well, Hi. Jumping right in, I am aware I will be criticised for my inactivity, and if you are voting solely on activity, stop reading as just vote Lincoln right now.
Although over the past several Tribal Councils I became inactive, it didn't start out that way. In the beginning of this game, I started out in a 5-person majority alliance called "The 5 Vikings", consisting of Blake, Alfons, Monkey and Matthew. We controlled Thor pre-tribe switch, but lost contact sometime between the tribe swap and merge. Aside from that, I tried staying close with friends like Blake, DB, and Alfons, for their trust. Post-merge is when my activity decreased, for several reasons. After the blowout at Final 9, lots of drama went down, drama I wasn't apart of and had no interest in being in. I began to lose contact of what was going on with the game, as it kept progressing without me. Also, this was the same time as I was on Korea, as well as another ORG, which made me set my priorities. I tried to keep them even as long as possible, but I just gravitated toward Korea more. As you can see on the voting table, I self-voted 4 times. However, not all of those were due to activity. WHen the rule was instituted that self-voting would only prevent you from competing in the next challenge, I used it as a way to say I "forgot to vote", and be able to delay my decision of who to side with. Although I did not intend to become inactive, I just generally lost interest in this org, with it just not being what I was used to. But, hey, if that can get me at least to 2nd place, I must've done something right?
So, to wrap it up, I know how I played, I know how I didn't play, and If you vote for Lincoln, I totally understand your decision. I'm not begging for vote, but rather informing the jury that I may be more than meets the eye. So, good luck on your decision, and I'd be willing to answer any questions that anyone has. :)
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• 10/25/2013

Vote Lincoln

I will not write a bible to defend my game because I know I am almost like Amanda when referring to the FTC.So I'll just say that I know I was a bit incative, but it was because of the college. At the beginning of the game I was pretty sure that i would be eliminated because I wasn't related to anyone, but luckily I managed to last until the switch and then I align with Alfons, who I knew were in a good position and would help me to go forward. After the merge I started thinking about things that would help me get rid of Alfons so I could have a chance to win the game .
In resume, it is. I'll be grateful to answer your questions and give more details.Thank you!
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• 10/25/2013

Aston's Jury Speech

Wow! I'm not a bitter jury member but can I just say to everyone, Inactives beat us! Never seen a final 2 with inactives, my vote would of gone to Alfons, but we know what happened.
Ryan, You did nothing, you had the power to vote off Alfons and you DIDN'T even vote, causing me to go home, you were carried here by doing nothing, my question for you is, Why were you so inactive? Did you care about the game?
Lincoln, I respect you a bit more, you were less inactive and I believe won immunity, I didn't get to know you so well, so my question to you is, What was your greatest moves in the game?
I'm going to say to the jury, that I will probably give my vote to Lincoln, as Ryan never tried very hard.
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• 10/24/2013

Final Tribal Council

Well done Lincoln and Ryan, the 2 of you have done what 14 of the others couldn't do, get to the end. Just like any other Final Tribal Council each Finalist will create a Vote (Insert Name Here) post where you will plead to the jury why you deserve to win this game. Then the Jurors will make a (Insert Name Here) Jury Speech and will ask each of the two of you questions. This should get the Jurors convinced that one of you deserves it more than the other. Once all of the questions has been answered we will get to the vote.
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• 10/23/2013

Tribal Council #13

Welcome final 3. I have a few questions to ask in before we get to the vote:

Alfons: Why did you threaten Jordan? Could you tell us why you did that and if you think us disqualifying you from the challenge was a valid punishment?

Lincoln: You've proven in the past that you are good at these challenges, why didn’t you compete today. If you had sent anything in at all you would have won immunity.... :/

Ryan: Why didn’t you send anything in for the challenge :'( ?

Remember, no one has immunity and everyone can be voted for. Send in your votes to 

You have 24 hours in which to do so. (Until 8:30AM UTC TIME October 24th. ) 

I'm interested in seeing how this tribal turns out. Good luck everyone.
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• 10/23/2013

Final Immunity Challenge Results...

Hello guys, well..... I'm a bit disapointed with everyone... You are the final 3 and 2 of you didnt compete and the other 1 threatened one of our hosts and we have had to disqulify him from the challenge. So that means no one will have immunity... Everyone can still vote and everyone can be voted for. So the 3 of you all have an equal chance of getting to the final 3. See you at tribal council guys......
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• 10/17/2013

Immunity Challenge #13

Once again Alfons I will take back the immunity necklace.For today's Immunity Challenge we have a classic, Trials. We will have multiple rounds in which each castaway will try to get points. If you come first in one of the legs you would get 5 points, second 3 points and third place 1 point. The castaway with the most points overall will win immunity and will have their shot at the million dollar prize and will convince the jury why they deserve the title of sole survivor.Leg #1: Confession overload, the castaway who sends the most confessions overall will come first, then second and then third. Click here.Leg #2: World's Hardest Game. You guys will try to complete the World's Hardest game, whoever gets the furtherest or completes the game first will score 5 points, if you fail to send it in you will receive 0 points.Leg #3: Voting History. Using any application you want to, you will try to guess who voted for who. Since I can't seem to get a screenshot of the Voting History, sadly. This leg depends on how many you get right, so this is one of the more important rounds.Leg #4: Opening Sequence. You must create a opening sequence for this season, if you choose not to include the disqualified contestants I advice you to not include Crtha as well, but that's your decision.The deadline is October the 21st, 7:00am (UTC). That is 4 days to get everything done. Send everything to Good luck!
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• 10/16/2013

Reward Challenge #13 Results

And I have the results. Shockingly only one person participated in the challenge. So with a time of 1:10 seconds, the winner is...
Lincoln. So Lincoln, who would you would to be punished at the Immunity Challenge? Post who you want on this thread.
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• 10/15/2013

Reward Challenge #13

Come on in guys. For today's Reward Challenge I have a treat... dun dun dun. You will have another quiz (I purposely made this happen because Alfons revealed his secret plan in winning it). The person with the fastest time wins, and the person with the heighest score will get to sabotage another person's score at the final Immunity Challenge. You mist send it to me on the 16th of October,  7:00 am (UTC). The link is here.
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• 10/15/2013

Tribal Council #12 Tie-Breaker Results

I have the results. The person in 1st place with 29971 points is...
Lincoln. So Blake the tribe has spoken, it is time for you to go.And then there were 3. Ryan, Alfons and Lincoln I have one thing to tell you guys. Give each other hell.
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• 10/14/2013

Tribal Council #12 Results

And I will read the votes. 1st vote..
Lincoln. 2nd Vote...
Blake, that's 1 vote Blake, 1 vote for Lincoln. 3rd vote...
Lincoln, that's 2 votes Lincoln, 1 vote Blake. Next vote...
Blake. Here we have, another tie. So for the tie-breaker I have a game for you top play. The deadline is 3:00am (UTC) tomorrow 15/10/2013 (October the 15th). Click here.
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• 10/12/2013

Tribal Council #12

Come on in guys. And ow I will bring in the Jury. RP, Ali, DB, Eddie, Monkey and Aston voted out at the last Tribal Council.Before we get to the vote I have a few questions.Alfons: What are the odds of you making it to the Final Tribal Council? Do you feel like the threats are still here, or have they been eliminated?Lincoln: How pivotal is this vote tonight?Ryan: Do you feel like you have a tough competition?Blake: In the next 4 days, 2 of you guys will be eliminated. Do you feel uneasy that it might be you tonight?Send your votes to me via Facebook. The deadline is 6:00am, 13/10/2013 (UTC). Happy voting.
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• 10/10/2013

Immunity Challenge #12 Results

Alright guys, thanks to those of you who did the challenge. We do have a winner and that person will have a 1 in 3 shot at winning this game. The winner, who completed this quiz in 8 seconds is..................................................... ALFONS! Congraulations Alfons, you have won immunity again. You have a 1 in 3 shot at winning this game. Blake, Ryan and Lincoln, tonight one of you will be voted out of this game and sent to the jury. I'll see you all tonight at tribal council.
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• 10/9/2013

Immunity Challenge #12

Welcome guys, today you will be playing in a quiz. You want to finish the quiz in the shortest time possible. Whoever completes the quiz in the shortest time will win..... wait  for it..... wait for it...... Immunity. Who'da guessed that? Oh wait everyone because its an immunity challenge duh :p 

Anyway, the link is here:

Now, at the reward challenge, Alfons won an advantage. Your advantage is that what ever score you get you will have 10 seconds subtracted to it. Meaning your time will be shorter. 

E.g. If you finish the quiz in 2:23, your score will become 2:13. 

I hope you all have fun in this challenge, remember you can play as many times and you like. :p 

You have until 5:00AM UTC time on the 9th of October to do this challenge. Send it to the e-mail and good luck
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• 10/8/2013

Reward Challenge #12 Results

Alright, I have the results from the challenge. As you know, the reward is an advantage at the next immunity challenge and the winner with a score of 496 is......................
Congratulations Alfons. At the next immunity challenge you will have an advantage.
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